The Pain of a Man

The Pain of a Man

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No one knows when tragedy or misfortune will occur in life. When it does, those who affected whole world shifts. The Pain of a Man is a story of perseverance after every downfall. Written by a father who witnessed his six-year-old daughter get struck by a hit and run driver on Halloween night, and his attempt at performing CPR on her lifeless body. He takes you through the process of grief, acceptance, healing, and breakthrough. This book answered the question, what about the family? The feeling of daily melancholy and finding a way to uplift your own spirits and become productive and not overrun by circumstances. These are the thoughts of a man that is broken within but must remain strong for the family in hope for a better future. Also, how a family can become worse, while the victim heals and gets better. A story of going through life's obstacles, never giving up, and becoming a version of self.


    By Author Brandon Ward Sr.


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