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A Place for Your Vision was created for artist, developers, and creatives as a platform to showcase their creativity, inspiration, stories, and gifts with the world.

Author Spotlight

Tiffany Ward

Wife, Mother of Four, Co-Founder of DreamSAFE Project, and Author, is just a few of Tiffany's responsibilities. With her third a newest publication "The Manifesting Mommies Journal" we learn her strategies on how to keep it together and stay on track. At a time when many women are challenged with their personal task, Tiffany has created aa helpful and needed resource.

New Author

Brandon Ward Sr.

During the middle of a pandemic Life Coach, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and now Author Brandon Ward Sr. has decided to release his first book "The Pain of a Man," June 23rd just days following Father's Day. Why now? We ask, as Brandon responds, "There is no better time than now. The world is soon to feel a pain like they have never experienced, and it will destroy it's EGO. That pain takes a long time to heal. I am here to ease the process, and share how I made it through my mess."

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